Gluten Free Flour and Fritters Cooking Demo

January 22 > 01:00 pm

Our very own Tiki Camunas education program apprentice and Family and Consumer Science teacher will educate us on the benefits of eating gluten free. Participants will learn how to make gluten free flour and learn how to make gluten free … Continue reading


Detox Body Cleansing Workshop – Through food and herbs

January 29 > 01:00 pm

This workshop will focus on on how to use food and herbs to cleanse the body.  It also includes a juicing demonstration,  making a tincture,  and discussion about food & herbs that cleanse the body of toxins. Wellness by Dessa … Continue reading

Ingrid & Curtis

Live Music Series

January 15 > 12:30 pm–February 15 > 04:00 pm

Sunday, January 15th   Frankie Jay and the Chicken Parade Discovered while singing to his chickens in the Antarctic, Frankie Jay has entertained millions of non-sentient beings via his interstellar radio broadcasts. You can join the parade and squawk and … Continue reading