Our Market Vendors

sweetwatersundaymarketlogo2Please note:
-Not all Vendors listed will be at Market every Sunday
-Some vendors are cash only


The Dancing Goat

Tampa, Florida

Pam Lunn, Farmer

We are a small family urban farm offering free range eggs and raw goat milk products including milk, cheeses, kefir and yogurt from our own animals. We avoid chemicals on the farm and our animals are treated as family members first, and then food producing animals. There is no shortage in goat milk this year as we had a gazillion babies last spring and are expecting another gazillion starting in November. You never know when we will pack up the littlest ones and bring them to the market as ambassadors!

We also carry raw cow milk products from JBT Jersey Farm as a service to our customers that wish cow products as well.  Pre-ordering to thedancinggoat83@gmail.com prior to the market is the best way to make sure your products are reserved when you arrive.

Be sure to try our artisan cold process goat milk soaps from all natural ingredients and essential oils!  Expect big things this year as we increase our soap production and go national with a separate soap company!  You asked, we expanded.

Variety is the spice of life and at our booth, variety in eggs is the norm. Quail eggs, pheasant eggs, banty eggs (miniature chickens with very big attitudes) and pullet eggs can often be found complimenting the free range chicken eggs in many pastel colors!

We are so grateful to all the wonderful folks at Sweetwater, as we enter our eighth year of participation at the Sunday Market, for providing us this marketing opportunity and making us feel like “part of the family”. We appreciate each and every customer that has walked in our booth and feel truly blessed to know you!  Thank you for your patronage!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook – TheDancingGoat

How to reach us:  thedancinggoat83@gmail.com or call 813-784-0353.



Willow Herbal Delight Gardens

Valrico, FloridaWillow LaMonte - square version

Willow LaMonte, Folk Herbalist

Organic edible plant nursery featuring culinary/medicinal herbs, tropicals, and perennial edibles.  Distributor of organic garden seeds.  Garden tours, classes, workshops.  Edible design/garden consultation.

How to reach us: (813) 643-7285







20 Shekels Bread20 Shekels Bread

Clearwater/Largo, Florida

Marni Atherton, Owner

20 Shekels is a Tampa Bay bakery founded with the simple idea that nutritious bread should be eaten not because it’s healthy, but because it tastes good.

This is our baby, our passion, our love. We’d like to say it all started with a dream, but alas it was not so. We’re a little too piratey for such things. Instead, it went like this:

“Twenty bucks says you can’t make a bread that’s good for you AND tastes great.”

And in the fervor of a 10-year-old shouting out “CHALLENGE!!”, the game was afoot. Now after many moons, burnt fingers and loud expletives, we’re proud to present what we feel is the healthiest, finest, best tasting bread on the market today.

Made entirely from the highest quality, most nutritious, organic ingredients available.



Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters

Tampa, Floridajava_planet_logo

Jennifer Simmons, Marketing/Sales &
Mike Simmons, Master Roaster

We offer the freshest, best tasting organic and fair trade certified coffee beans in Tampa Bay! We sell 16oz bags of fresh roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world! Try a sample and you will be convinced that this is a great coffee!

How to reach us:  www.java-planet.com






Ahna’s Cultural GiftsAhna Clarke Vendor (3)

Tampa, Florida

Ahna Clark, Owner

“Many Hands Many Lands” My business began with my love of travel, exploring different far away lands and cultures my passion. You will find a great variety of ethnic jewelry and handicrafts from or inspired by my travels. I travel several times a year and also have various dealers from places I have yet to go, always bringing in new inventory and stories to share.

How to reach us: ahna2008@yahoo.com






Freedom House Farm

New Port Richey, FloridaJim Kovaleski

Jim Kovaleski, Market Gardener

I am a Market Gardener using permaculture principles and practices to gather the abundance from Freedom House Farm, 1/8 of an acre of urban farm fields in downtown New Port Richey. The farm produces cool season crops mostly leafy greens also offering neighborhood gleaned citrus, pecans, loquats, and mulberries.

How to reach us:  james.kovaleski@gmail.com





Gopali ImportsGopali Himalayan Imports (1)

Tampa, Florida

Alex Gopali-Owner

“Gopali Imports” directly imports fair trade/Hand made/Hand crafted/Eco-friendly Hemp products, Cotton products, Nepali Paper (Lokta) Products, Singing Bowls, Yoga accessories, Silver Jewelry and more from Nepal and Tibet.

How to reach us: www.gopali-imports.com or alexgopali@gmail.com or call 813-545-4831




SarJade Jewelry & Gifts

Dover, Floridafusedglasspendant

Yvette Rouse, Owner/Jewelry Designer

Welcome to my art jewelry and gifts. All of my items are unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces. I design and create my own art beads and pendants in many different media, including metals, clay, resin and glass. I also upcycle materials where I can and get my inspiration from nature, people around me and my own travels and years spent overseas. While my degree is in computer information sciences, I’ve been making jewelry for over 14 years to feed my creative side. Now I’m pursuing my passion for creating wearable art by playing with clay, glass and bits of nature. Talk to me about designing a custom item just for you.

How to reach me: (813) 713-3294 or email SarJadeJewelry@gmail.com




Mother Kombucha

St. Petersburg, Florida

Tonya Donati, Joshua Ramschlag, Ownerskombucha

Mother Kombucha makes small batch living kombucha, hand crafted from fair trade organic teas, tisanes and natural flavors. Rich with probiotics, beneficial amino acids and antioxidants – our kombuchas make a delicious and healthful alternative to sugary sodas and juices. And because we believe that things that are good for you should also taste great – we create flavors that enhance and compliment the natural tartness of kombucha rather than trying to hide it. The result is crisp, effervescent and invigorating. Brewed in St Petersburg and available throughout the Tampa Bay area, we serve our kombucha on tap for maximum freshness and enjoyment. Embrace the Ferment!

Be sure to follow us on facebook – MotherKombucha

How to reach us:  727-409-8806 or motherkombucha@gmail.com





Hope2Health Herbal Tea Blends

Hope Owens-Henry, Owner

I am a holistic health coach that specializes in blending herbs to create healthy drinks from nature. My blends are designed towards improving health and strengthening the cells of the body. We are surrounded by toxins from our environment to food and water. It is important to consume organic foods and drink naturally. Your body deserves it, so drink 2 your health, at Hope2Health.

How to reach us: www.hope2health.com  or email hope2health4u@gmail.com



Succuland Mingle Succuland Mingle Logo

Vanessa Rodriguez, Owner

Assortments of easy-to-care for succulents, cacti, and bamboo plants all nestled away in trendy up-cycled vessels garnished with natural remnants such as drift wood, rocks, crystals, live moss and shells. Such natural elements add unique character to these versatile indoor or outdoor gardens with style!

How to reach me: succulandmingle.com





Nice 2 Be Natural Pets

Robyn Fredericks, Owner Treats - 2

I started my natural ovenbaked pet treat business in 2010 in honor and memory of my pet pig, Langston. He only loved fresh and wholesome food such as tomatoes, bananas, greens, nuts and other wonderful veggies and fruits. I decided to take those items and experiment making ovenbaked pet treats using his favorite ingredients and making healthy and beneficial treats, for cats, dogs and exotics. We do not use preservatives, by- products, dyes, additives or harmful ingredients. All natural ovenbaked pet treats are made in small batches and are even made with brown rice and tapioca blends for your pets special needs. It is suggested to store your natural ovenbaked pet treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer to guarantee freshness.

Bee Haven Honey is raw and local from Bee Haven Honey Farm in North Lakeland. We sell Gall Berry (which is similar to Wildflower) and Orange Blossom in gallon jugs, 16 oz. BPA free bottles and jars and 3 oz. Honey Bears. The 16 oz. Honeycomb Honey is sold in jars and is a combo of both Orange Blossom and Gall Berry with Honeycomb inside. We also sell bee wax bars and honey sticks in assorted flavors. Please note: SNAP/EBT now accepted for the local raw honey. Local raw honey is more healthier and has many benefits, it is great to put on baked fish, use in baked goods, add to tea/energy drinks, as a hydrator in homemade facials, pour over cereal/granola etc..

Visit Nice 2 Be Natural on Facebook and learn more about all of the natural ovenbaked pet treats we make. If you would like to special order or have any inquiries please call Robyn Fredericks at 863 845-9059 or email at nice2benatural@gmail.com.

Nice 2 Be Natural Pet Treats also makes natural ovenbaked pet treats for special events such as Pet Birthdays, Weddings involving pets and Fundraisers.



My Neighbors Greensmy neighbors greens

Citra, Florida

Jay Cowart & Tammy Wise

My Neighbors Greens is a family-owned, family-operated small farm located in Citra, FL.  Jay Cowart, a Tampa native, and partner Tammy Wise, are raising pastured poultry modeled after Joel Salatin’s philosophies on mobile farming.  Our chickens are moved utilizing outdoor chicken tractors across the pasture.  We raise a number of different poultry breeds, some being heritage as well as meat producing Cornish cross.

Our vision is to develop a small farm that is sustainable and adds value to the land.  Developing ways to farm that are not harmful to the environment has always been part of that vision.

While Tammy and Jay reside in Tampa, they maintain a 5-acre farm in Citra.  Family members reside on the farm and help with day-to-day activities.


Sweet Annie’s Organic

New Port Richey, Florida

Annie Christensen , Owner Sweetannie

There was a time when herbs were the only way we had to take care of our skin and hair. But as beauty product companies grew, they began to replace the herbs and flowers with synthetic ingredients. As time passed, we forgot the herbal wisdom of our forebears.

These days, herbs are enjoying a rebirth in skin and hair care products. However, the commercial products carry some serious concerns. They label a product herbal, though it is not; just some fragrance oils or maybe a splash of essential oil to make the product appear natural. And I don’t think that is fair to customers. When I expressed this to my husband, he replied, “you should do something about that”.

Being a woman of action, I did do something about it, and that’s how Sweet Annie’s Organics was founded. We decided to pair up together as a husband/wife wonder team and create soap, lotions, creams, hair balms, and scrubs using only natural and organic ingredients (yes, even our preservatives are natural and safe).

I work out of our studio in our West Central Florida home, using it as my creative outlet for mostly soap and skin care product making, but also for jewelry designing, and painting with my daughter.


Wic N’ FlamesWP_20141208_013

Tampa, Florida

Nichole Bardes, Owner

Wic N Flames is a locally owned Home Fragrance Shop. We feature Natural Soy Candles made with lead-FREE cotton wicks or an Organic wooden wick. Aside from candles we offer a Room Deodorizers, Paw-fume, tart melts & Incense.

We have a large variety of scents from Earthy to Food and beyond. While most of our candles contain dye, we certainly have the ability to leave out that pop of color, for a more natural look! Please let us know if that’s what you prefer. We offer custom blend  ordering and make gift baskets too!

We do like to reuse and recycle, so we offer a candle jar “buy back” credit towards your next purchase.

Stop on by to SMELL, what we’re all about!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wicNflames
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/wicNflames


The Mending Bead

Tampa, Florida

Lily Beahan, OwnerThe Mending Bead Booth 2015

The Mending Bead was founded in 2014 while recovering from an accident that left me with two broken legs.  Not knowing how I’d get through months of being bedridden, I started making jewelry.  While mending back to health, I created jewelry using natural healing stones, crystals, hemp, copper and wooden beads.  This time of healing and recovery made me realize what my true passion was. After creating so many unique pieces, I wanted to share my mending beads with others who could benefit from their natural healing abilities.  I enjoy hearing the stories of all my customers and friends and can help you find the natural stone or crystal that meets your healing needs. I also take custom orders and recently started creating essential oil jewelry using terra cotta clay beads.  Thank you for listening to my story, I’d love to hear yours:)

Peace and Love



Let’s Date

Odessa, Florida

Monique Frisco, Owner Let's Date Bars (3)

Everyone seems to have a beginning, ours, two sick babies. Our son experienced an intolerance to dairy, while our daughter had to avoid dairy, corn, soy and eggs. During my desperate effort to protect our children, I learned of the many things not to consume and learned of certain ways to prepare foods that we should partake.  With the guidance of wise ladies in my life and a humble spirit, I created a dessert free of our allergens.  Once this concoction arrived to parties and gatherings requests for personal orders were voiced.  After coming to the realization that we had the interest of ladies, men and children we were going to have to give this a try. So a year later we are blessing the lives of many with a sweet yet salty snack that catches your attention and stays on your mind. We promise this will be the best mix of organic dates, soaked pecans, organic coconut oil, organic cinnamon, sea salt and mini chocolate chips you’ve ever had!




The Wild GuavaThe Wild Guava Logo

Plant City/Bokeelia, Florida

Sean & Jessica O’Toole, Owners and Operators

The Wild Guava is a locally owned, registered nursery (#48014902) specializing in the Rare, Tropical, Edible & Exotic. We only use natural growing practices and pride ourselves on stocking varieties that do well in the St. Pete/Tampa area, are easy to care for and have significant nutritional values (superfoods). We do not sell citrus of any kind, we try and promote Florida Friendly Food Forests to encourage diverse plantings of trees that will help each other thrive. We also offer complete growing support to ensure our customers are successful in caring for the trees and growing their own fruit. Customers can pre-order their desired tree for pick up at market. We will also have fruit form our orchards for sale when in season.

How to Reach us: TheWildGuava.comTheWildGuava@gmail.com, 813.708.4455

Social Media: facebook.com/TheWildGuava, Instagram: @TheWildGUava, #TheWildGuava




Largo, Florida

Gudrun Seaton, Owner

I started my business in 2003 out of a passion for baking. Coming from Germany I specialize in German Pastries likeApple Strudel, wonderful German Bread and All Natural Granola Mixes.

Most of my Items are Gluten Free and low in sugar as well.

Everything is fresh baked without Preservatives or Additives.