Our Vision


Were Tampa a desert,

rising in the distant shimmer

of the sun-baked sand, there

would be a beet-shaped oasis,

but no illusion! O sweetwater!

Fantastic, organic!

Your lettuce is always crisp

and delicious! We put our heads

together, we never get tired!

The sky over our farm,

when the sun sets,

is always red-lettuce red!

How our community has developed

in our undevelopment!

Sweetwater rises like fresh dough

from organic lands,

we are vegetation, endeavoring

ever-glorious in our mission!

Compliments of the Miami Poetry Collective

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an experience that educates our community. Our farm serves as a model of sustainable, organic agriculture & appropriate land stewardship.  We will provide opportunities to participate in responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, & fostering a sense of community, while working together & enjoying nature.


Through organic farming, local agriculture and community programs, Sweetwater protects our food, environment and community. Organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for the future. Local agriculture assures a food system that is safe, affordable and accessible by providing vegetables and herbs at their peak of flavor and nutritional value. Community programs help build the relationships, trust and interdependence needed for strong communities.